Full Metal Jacket...hold the Metal

I got to see the full jacket for The Mark a couple weeks ago and thought I'd share because it's so pretty:

TheMark JKT Mech Small

Picture this wrapped around the book with the flaps folded in.  I especially like how the dandilion motif was carried throughout, including on the spine, and the play of color and highlights that suggest the mark.  Very cool. 

Personally, I never read with a dust jacket on because the book always slips out of it which drives me nuts.  I think the main point of these is to pretty-up the hardcover since it might be hard or expensive to print right on the cardboard. 

This is something I'll ask the very talented Danielle Delaney, who created The Mark's jacket.  Dani's agreed to be interviewed about her cover design process so look for that here on the blog sometime in late-Jan or Feb, after the book's out and we get to see her work, up close and personal.