It's Outta Here!

CB107471VISION is revised and back with my agent - YAY!   Her suggestions were excellent (as I've told her at least twice now), fixing a couple things I thought might need work based on beta readers' reactions and pointing out some other, new stuff.  It's funny because she had only a couple very minor changes to THE MARK before we sent it out and quite a few changes to VISION, but my beta readers who read both books at this same stage, thought VISION was better.  I have no idea what that says about anything, but VISION is done and I'm really happy with it!   Hopefully, all powers that be feel the same way.

In other cool news, these came this week:


Glowing pens for a monthly giveaway that'll start in January at the Tenners.  Everyone adds something related to their book to the goodie bag (pen glows like the mark, right?).  There are over eighty authors - should wind up a pretty cool prize.

And since I mentioned baseball, sort of...go Phillies!