December: Step Away From the Manuscript

One of the best things about NaNoWriMo is taking the month of December off. After a few books, I figured out that trying to revise a draft I've just finished is a waste of time. I need a few weeks away to see it clearly. And there's no better time to have some extra hours than right now: school break, kids' birthdays, holidays, know the drill. Plus my kids have asked if we can decorate like the neighbor down the street who has fifty bazillion lights and inflatables. So I'm going to be a little busy here.

Even though I started NaNo early, thinking I'd be done mid-October, I didn't actually throw in the towel until November 22 with the manuscript at 76,165 words and counting. That's massive for me. My drafts usually barely hit 50,000 words. I'm a little scared to see what's actually in that pile of word vomit. Once January rolls around.

In the meantime, I've seen the cover of THIS IS HOW IT ENDS which was nothing like I expected (truth: they never are - one of many reasons I'm not a cover designer). The Simon Pulse team did a great job with it - its not easy to capture a whole story in a picture and some font. Or in cover copy, which we're working on now. It's like writing a query letter, except that now you're not just selling your book to an agent, but to everyone. This, plus the cover, are probably the biggest factors in whether anyone will bother to read the stuff inside. No pressure.

THIS IS HOW IT ENDS is on goodreads here: There's not much info, but stay tuned. And it'll be on my website as soon as the cover and copy are finalized.

To all the NaNo winners and participants: Congrats! Now, put down that pencil and step away from the manuscript.