The Edits Are Coming! The Edits Are Coming!

No lanterns necessary, I already know they'll be coming by UPS. I'm ready...I think. My busywork is down to just four or five things. The kids' end-of-year school projects are underway and events in my calendar. My next book is revised and with my agent. The one after is far enough along that I won't forget what I'm writing about.

I'll only have a few weeks to rip How It Ends apart and put it back together so I've been getting ready. But, of course, I'm secretly hoping there won't be that much ripping (oh, pleeease...). My editor said its in fantastic shape. Well, except for just at the end. But she said the changes are light. That's good news, right?

The thing is, even small changes often wind up bigger. Sometimes huge. Like when I had to make a character sixteen instead of eighteen. Changes pretty much everything.

So, this time, I'm waiting to see if I'll need to come up with a new who for the whodunit (BIG change). Or just lay a better foundation for the who I have now (easy peasy). Or something in between.

Whatever the case and however painful, my books always come out better after agent and editor revisions. So, there's that to look forward to.

For now, I gotta go stock up on coffee and yogurt*.

*Yes, I know chocolate is the preferred staple of revising writers, but that's way too dangerous.