More FAQs and AQs

I haven't done one of these in a while so here's some of the stuff that's come through the inbox... ACTUAL FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Will there be another book in The Mark series? Probably not. The Mark (the first book) was never meant to be a series but the ending changed during edits in a way that made a sequel feel natural. So I wrote one. And my publisher bought it. But at this point, nothing is in the works for a third book.

What's your next book about and when will it be out? Its called How It Ends, is a YA mystery sort-of-thing and will be out in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015.

What ever happened to the TV deal for The Mark? The same thing that happens to a lot of TV and movie options...the writer and director who were interested gave it a good shot and pitched it to execs at NBC, ABC, Fox and a few other networks, but didn't get a green light for a pilot. No pilot = no series = end of TV deal, but it was cool learning about the whole thing.

Can you send me a copy of one of your books for review/giveaway on my blog? Unfortunately, I'm long out of copies of The Mark and The Vision to give away, either for review or contests. But both books are widely available in libraries and I'd love for you to read/review that way.

Can you send me some swag? Yup, I'd be happy to...once I have it again. Shoot me an email or use the website contact form and I'll hang onto your info until I have new bookmarks and stuff to send.

Will you do an interview on my blog? Yup, probably. As long as I can fit it in. Email/website contact me and we'll talk.

When do you find time to write? When my kids are at school. And any other spare time I can find. Also, on scraps of paper when inspiration strikes.

Want to try Farmville/Mall World/Slingo/Add Your Birthday? No, no, no and no. My birthday is February 4. If you want to add it to something, that's awesome...I love birthday wishes. But I don't want to do any facebook games or add-ons, thanks.


Why do you write about such dark stuff? Because happy stories aren't that interesting.

Will you review my book? Maybe. If I read it and its really good and fifty-bazillion other people haven't already reviewed it on Amazon, I probably will. But since I'm not a reviewer, I don't do reviews on request.

Would you believe it if I told you I see the glow around people like Cassie does in The Mark and The Vision? Yeah, I actually would. Because, believe it or not, a few other people have told me the same thing.


When are you going to update your website? It still has that TV deal on it. Yeah, I know. The whole thing'll need an overhaul once I have a pub date for How It Ends. So, that's what I'm waiting for. But then I'll probably want to wait to see what the cover looks like. I dunno. Soon.