NYC: Drizzle, Dresses, Drinks with Agent Melissa

Tuesday, I broke from my normal kids-computer-kids routine and went into the city. On the plus side, it was a balmy 50-something degrees. On the minus, it was raining and windy in the way that turns your umbrella inside-out fifty-five times before you've even walked a block. Needless to say, I looked like a drowned rat when I arrived at my first appointment, to try on chichi bridemaids dresses for my sister's wedding in September. Here's proof:

Also proof that strapless dresses aren't for everyone. Moving right along...

I ran a few more errands (still raining) then looked for somewhere to write before heading over to Folio Lit where I was meeting my agent for drinks to toast the book we just sold (yay!) and also just to meet. Because in publishing, you can work for months and years with someone, but never actually find yourselves in the same room. I guess this happens in a lot of businesses. But since I live, like, thirty minutes from NYC there's just no reason for that.

Anyway, finding somewhere inside to sit down in Times Square/Midtown West is harder than you think. Especially on a rainy day. Since I'm toying with an idea that involves homelessness in NYC for my next book, I found this more interesting than annoying and it was a huge score when I finally got a cozy table in a back nook of Starbucks (for the price of a muffin...which might be a morning's panhandling if you're homeless). After a productive hour of writing, I packed up and walked over to Folio which I first thought was here:

And while I didn't expect my literary agency to be in a walk-up over the Yum Yum noodle shop, I figured whatever. Space in NYC is ridiculous. Turns out I had the building number wrong by 20 and it's really in the big brown building on the left in the first picture.

I meant to take pictures inside the offices and of me and Melissa and all that stuff...but we got to talking and I just forgot. But if you want to see pictures of Folio, there's some here. It's very cool and New York-y with books everywhere, of course. I met Molly who shares an office and great city view with Melissa and then we headed out (finally not raining!).

Over wine and cheese and wine, Melissa and I talked about weddings and bridemaids dresses and the state of publishing and agenting and 9/11 and my new editor and foreign rights and Honey Boo Boo and my next book and a whole lot of other stuff. It was great to get together in person (thanks again for coming out with me, Melissa!)...I'm planning to write another book we can sell so we can do it again soon.