NaNo: Week 2

Yep, its still working. I'm at 30,865 words, just over this week's goal of 30,720. But I see trouble looming...and not just in the form of Thanksgiving and all the writingless days around it. I still have more than a third of the book left, but have already worked through almost all the chapters I've outlined action for. Which means I'm going to have to start making things up. Pantsing. Not good.

But I'll worry about that next week.

This week's ephiphanies...

1. When trying to write a novel in a month, schedule appointments where people try to talk to you and bring the laptop. Not only did I get five pages written at the hair cut place, there was no internet distraction and I avoided an hour of pointless small talk. Perfecto! Next time, I'm using this on my dentist who always wants to chat while I've got tools and the spit sucker in my mouth. Cruel.

2. When you find yourself refreshing email repeatedly and checking yahoo and twitter and just about anything except working on your manuscript, move on to a different scene.  This is the beauty of plotting.  I didn't have to push through a chapter I was bored with to figure out what happens next because I already knew. If the paragraphs aren't flowing in Chapter 16, well then let's see if Chapter 17 or 18 or the last scene want to be written. Plotting gave me the option to write something rather than throwing in the towel.

3. Numbers on the calendar. Its like magic.