Like Christmas and My Birthday and Halloween All Rolled in One!

My library had their annual book sale this weekend. Kid in a candy shop? If all the candy costs ten cents and the kid has ten dollars, that's pretty much what it was like. I mean, look at all these BOOKS!







As luck would have it, the sale started on the last day of school so after a pit stop at Ben & Jerry's, we headed right over. Boy #1 parked himself under a table with a box of Mike Lupica and Matt Christopher sports novels, boys #2 and #3 sat in the kids' non-fic area, piling up books on science experiments and physics (#2) and the solar system, weather and the Titanic (#3) and I went right to YA, then eventually adult paperbacks and finally, history for some research books.

I easily could have spent twice as much time and money there, but here's our haul (minus most of the science-y books boys #2 & #3 immediately ferretted away in their rooms):

If that's not exciting, I don't know what is.