Ten Things About My New Agent

Melissa SarverI tweeted about it last week, but 140 characters doesn't usually cut it on the blog and I couldn't squeeze in more with all the work we've been doing.  So, The Announcement: I've signed with a new agent, Melissa Sarver of Elizabeth Kaplan Lit.

If you don't know Melissa, let me tell you a few things about her:

1. She wears glasses (okay, that was a gimme...but doesn't she look like she'd be fun to hang out with?)

2. She worked as an assistant at multiple agencies before starting to take on her own clients a bunch of years ago which means she's paid her dues and learned the business from people with different styles and perspectives. Invaluable experience.

3. Her clients say things like: she's patient, a fantastic editor, great communicator, I LOVE her, fantastic, professional, smart, enthusiastic cheerleader, the one part of publishing I'm never frustrated with, got my manuscript read by [super-editor] I was fixated on, supportive, clever, fun, works very hard to get the best exposure for each manuscript, my ideal agent (sorry, clients, I hope you don't mind my sharing!)

4. None of her clients had a single bad thing to say - not one caution. You might think: well, of course not, she's their agent!  But three times before when I've asked about agents, current clients have red-flagged things. In one case, it was about my former agent and the red flag ended up the reason for our split. Current clients speak the truth - often delicately, but still honestly. They don't want to be on the hook for your future problems.

5. She was the first agent to request a partial of The Mark way back when. Funny coincidence, no? Ultimately she rejected it. Good call since that version was about a year and four drafts from ready.

6. She remembered The Mark and read it when it came out (major bonus points!)

7. I was referred to her by another agent, Holly Root, who said even more good stuff about her and her publishing contacts.

8. She's fast. Read my manuscript lightning-quick and gets back to me right away. LOVE that!

9. She's a Pats fan living in NY. I'm a Pats fan living in NY (okay, we haven't actually talked about this but I saw it on Twitter. Also, my husband's the real Pats fan. I'm from PA, but the Eagles stink and I can't root for a guy who beats dogs so what the hey)

10. We're already knee-deep in manuscript and title changes, write-ups of the next book and it is all good. She's had really solid suggestions and guidance so far and I am super-psyched to be working with her!

If you want to know more about Melissa, you can follow her on twitter, check out the agency page and read interviews she's done here and here.