Falling in "Like" Again

Because love would be too strong a word. I've finished the first revision of The Box (the book I wrote this about four weeks ago) and we're definitely on speaking terms again.  I recognize all the things I was head over heels for way back when, though starry-eyed infatuation has been replaced by more practical considerations like whether the storyline is believable or whether the characters feel as fleshed out on the page as they do in my head (and some of them weren't even that fleshed out there)

There's SO much more to do.  Like deal with...

-Chapters that start with a nice, voice-y paragraph and devolve into: WRITE MORE HERE

-Notes like: make MC nicer/more sympathetic and add a scene where MC and love interest talk about X and do something with the Y theme

Plus I know I need to map out the story arc on about five different levels, cut out at least two chunks of text that are in there twice (I couldn't decide if they belonged in chapter A or B so I put them in both!), work on making emotions more tangible and, at a more detailed level, stop having everyone "glance" and "shrug" so damn much.  Oh, and change the title and make sure the chapters are numbered correctly and eliminate the second space after every period in the whole manuscript (when did this change?  and why?  and, no, I probably won't actually do this.)

In short, there's a long way to go.  But what I have done is find the story.  I know who it centers on, what their conflicts are and it's set up to move in a steady progression from beginning to end now.  And, lemmetellya, that's a long way from where it was a month ago.

So, I'm going to take a break, let it stew over the next few days and give thanks that I'm out of the wallowing misery of reading a freshly minted first draft and on the road to making it something possibly worth reading.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating.