Visiting Bloomsbury

On Friday, I finally met my awesome editor, Caroline Abbey.  It's not unusual in publishing to work with someone for months and months, mostly by email or letter, occasionally phone, and never meet.  I still haven't met my agent who is California-based.  Can't imagine when I will. flatironBut, I was headed into NYC for dinner anyway so it was a great chance to stop by and say hi. 

Bloomsbury is located in the iconic and very cool Flatiron building.  

After trailing a backhoe, then sitting in horrendous traffic, I scored the most amazing parking space, (almost as if a parking fairy was waiting for me in the lobby).  This saved me from being a full hour late instead of just thirty minutes. 

My car + door to Flatiron = Impossibly Good Parking Spot!






Caroline took me on a tour and I got to meet a bunch of people including Anna in publicity, Beth and Katie in school and library marketing, and Danielle who designed my TWO awesome covers.  Plus Jackie's and Cynthia's editors (Melanie gave me Jackie's ARC - thanks! - and Mary Kate tried, but was fresh out of Cynthia's which was a bummer because Caroline said its GREAT!).   

Bloomsbury's offices - as you'd expect - are chock-full of books.  Big shelves of finished titles, ARCs and manuscripts on and above everyone's desks, boxes and boxes of submissions and an intern hard at work reading them. 

booksCaroline gifted me a stack of books for me and my boys - yay!  Then Caroline, Anna, and I went out for a drink before I had to scoot for my dinner. 

Anna & Caroline



It might not have been necessary, but it was definitely really, really nice to finally meet Caroline - who is both gracious and great at what she does - and the rest of the team at Bloomsbury who've done so much to get my book to where it is and who'll take it on the next steps into the wider world.