First Review...Yikes, It's Kirkus!

Kirkus ReviewsI got an email from my editor this week with this subject line: Kirkus Review.  My first thoughts: Already? and YIKES!

I opened it before I had time to think anything else because reading reviews of your book is nerve-wracking to start with, but the first one?  Total crapshoot.   You've read the book so many times by that point, changing story lines, chapters, sentences that you've completely lost perspective on whether it's any good.  And the other people who've read it are either related to you or paid (your publisher).  In short, you have no idea what to expect. 

What I did expect was for blog reviews to start coming in the next few weeks with the trade reviews (Booklist, School Library Journal, Kirkus, etc) closer to The Vision's September pub date.  I definitely wasn't expecting Kirkus - notoriously tough (see logo) - to be the very, very first. 

So like I said: yikes. 

But the good news is it was good.  Really positive, actually.  I promise not to bore you with every review of this book and this one is spoiler-y so I won't share too much, but because it's the first and such a relief, here's a little of what they said:

THE VISION:  "This dark, thoughtful sequel to The Mark (2010) eventually subverts practically every paranormal-romance cliche...[spoilers omitted]...Cassie is both mature and sensitive, ever conscious of the feelings of others and agonizingly aware of the consequences of her own choices, while retaining all the foibles and yearnings of a realistic teenager...[more spoilers]...For those willing to ponder difficult questions and appreciate the opportunity to come to their own conclusions, Cassie's visions will resonate long after the last page is turned."  --Kirkus Reviews

Yay.  And phew!