Skype Visits: Book Clubs, Classroom, an ARC!

Tons of other authors already knew about this, but I just learned about websites like Skype An Author and Kate Messner's that connect groups who want to book chat with authors who do it via Skype, usually for free.  Sounded like a great idea to me, so I signed up, even though I've only used Skype to let my kids talk to their grandparents (during which they spend more time making silly faces at the camera than actually talking). Details on setting up a visit are here.

I'm open to talking to pretty much anyone - classrooms, library groups, book clubs - and about whatever the group is interested in:  The Mark, publishing, writing, my favorite books, The Vision, what I had for breakfast.  I will not make silly faces while we're chatting.  Not intentionally, at least. 

Also, until it's out at the end of September (or until my supply runs too low), I'll send an ARC of The Vision to any group - minimum five members - that books a chat.  You can pass it around, raffle it off, whatever. 

Booklist called The Mark: "A great book for discussion groups, this will engender plenty of conversation." 

So there you have it.