Things That Are Happening Here

1. My desk is a mess and there's a thesaurus nearby which means I must be revising.  And in fact, the first draft of The Box is finished and well on its way to second-draft form (which is almost ready-to-show-it-to-someone form).   A couple observations from writing this book:

Giving myself more blank space worked.  I haven't been a hundred percent, but I've cut way back on putzing around online.  My writing got much more productive and I've had some key a-ha! moments.  Go figure.

I've never been a fan of early feedback so rarely talk with anyone in detail about my works in progress.  But I got a critique when I was only about thirty pages in that proved really valuable.  Enough to have me reconsidering how I approach drafting.

2. The Vision comes out in 10 weeks.  I now have a small stack of ARCs, one of them earmarked for my grampy who turns ninety(!) on Sunday - but the rest are for giveaways starting...soon.  Stay tuned.   PS - There will definitley be extra entries for posting The Vision's widget, so if you want to get a jump on the contests, feel free to grab it now.

3. If you requested bookmarks, they're in the mail.  If you didn't and want some, let me know: jennadol (at) verizon (dot) net.

4.  I'm off to PA this weekend to see lots and lots of family, wish Grampy happy birthday and maybe win some money at Saturday night poker.

That's it.  Carry on.