Creative Pause

I know a lot of people are into scrapbooking - or at least that's what HGTV would have me believe - but crafty stuff like that has never really been my thing. Still, I have collected restaurant matchbooks and event ticket stubs for years with the idea of collaging them together into some kind of wall art - an idea that's gotten less and less appealing, proportional to my available free time.  Spend hours cutting and pasting match covers or do laundry/write a book/fix the toilet leak/buy diorama supplies/find an agent/make dinner/get a haircut/see the dentist?

But, I was at a friend's house a week or so ago and saw she'd had my same brilliant matchbook idea...with an equally brilliant solution: shadow boxes.

So I picked some up at the craft store - along with diorama supplies - the other day and this morning, I actually did my crafty project:

I'm so pleased this is done, even if it does look kind of college-dormish.  I hate not finishing something.  Plus it was just the right distraction from The Box which was chugging along until I got feedback that part of the premise might be too "magical" for YA.


I needed a pause to mull that over because I sure don't want to keep working on something whose basis might be flawed.  And I think, during my wall-art this morning, I came up with a solution.  I've been researching and note-taking and book-ordering for the last couple hours to see if it'll work.  The WIP's going on H-O-L-D until I figure it out.  But in the meantime, at least I've finished something.