Another Craigslist Adventure

So this one didn't take me to the wilds of Staten Island like the last quest I blogged about, but it did take me over the GWB to Leonia, New Jersey where I picked up this beauty:

It all started last night at bedtime, when I was reading to the boys.  Son #2 is big into how things work and we were reading a page about a grand piano in The New Way Things Work by David Macaulay.  There was a bit at the bottom about how the mechanism behind piano keys and a manual typewriter is the same. 

None of my kids knew what a manual typewriter was and I had to completely explain the concept which made me simultaneously realize that:

#1: They will probably never come across one of these, except at a kitschy restaurant and...

#2: They'd love it because you can totally see the guts of it and how it works and it stamps letters on a page and how cool is that? 

Hence, the quest. 

And  here's where I profess my love for craigslist because you can find the most obscure items that are exactly what you're looking for.  This typewriter is not only blue (Son #2's favorite color), but completely accessible top and bottom so he can see exactly how it works.  And it was only $25. 

It did mean almost an hour's drive and a race against the clock since we had to be back before the plumber came to fix some leaking stuff, but the reward?  The clacking of typewriter keys on-and-off all afternoon and three boys fascinated by the magic of this old school machine.   Very cool.