Word of the Week

j0174966My oldest son started Kindergarten Tuesday and got his first "homework" yesterday: the Word of the Week.    I read his teacher's note, thinking how cute and expecting something like wagon or apple, maybe even dinosaur.  I flipped the page and found the word confer with its two meanings:  "meet & talk together" and "to give", as in I will confer a medal on whoever already knew that.  Or is it whomever

Anyway, the teacher asked us to use it often and since I love stuff like that and thought it was a great word, am totally running with it.  If you don't believe me, confer with the people who were at my house last night.

Or, perhaps you'd like to confer amongst yourselves about whether to confer this challenge to your friends and family.  I'm pretty sure my friends and family are going to be hating the word of the week in very short order - no conferring required. 

Can't wait to see what school comes up with for next week!