And Speaking of ARCs...

Look what came in the mail on Friday:

Seeing it in book form for the first time is a total thrill!  It looks awesome and I'm unaccountably pleased with the pretty blue spine.  Thank you, Bloomsbury, for doing such a really super nice job with it :)

There were three ARCs, but my husband - who hasn't read it yet - snatched one immediately for his flight today.  We lent another to his mom.  So I only have one left, but there's a big box of them coming my way sometime in the future. 

If you're going to BEA next month, you might see copies there.  Otherwise, review ARCs probably won't go out until mid-late summer.   But if you know you'd like one, drop me a line at with your review site URL and mailing addy so I can pass it on to Bloomsbury.  I have no idea how many they'll be sending, but I'll forward them any/all requests I get.

And now, I have to go read the book again...first pass pages are due this week.