The Waiting Place

waiting[Waiting for] the mail to come, or the rain to go or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow

or waiting around for a Yes or No

"Oh, The Places You'll Go", Dr. Seuss

I don't know how much time Dr. Seuss himself spent there, but I'm pretty sure The Waiting Place is chock full of writers (see that guy by the phone?).  It's what we do.  Publishing is a slow business because no matter how many techno tools there are, it still takes time to read a book.  

Some of the waiting is agonizing, like during the query process.  Did they read it yet?  Did they like it?  Will the mail come, the phone ring?  Will it be Yes or No?   There is no validation at this stage of the game, nothing beyond your own hope.  The very hardest kind of waiting. 

Not all of the waiting is bad, though.  I work out most plot and character stuff during waiting times, when my brain is free to toss things around.  And when else, but during waiting-for-feedback time, could I guiltlessly spend two hours making a widget or cleaning the garage or seeing the dentist?

A lot of the waiting is a mix of good and bad: part anticipation, part dread.  Will any editors want to buy my book?  Will they get it past acquisitions? What will my editorial letter say?  How much am I going to have to re-write?  What will readers think of my book?

There a loooong time to wait between sale and release.  Look at that widget...still more than 100 days to go.  But there's been plenty to do to fill the months and months - edits, website, photos, swag, online stuff, writing a second book. 

All of that's done now and I've been hesitant to start Book 3 until I see what my agent, then editor think of Book 2 so I've had weeks of time off writing.  Waiting.  It's been good, kind of like a little vacation...except I think I'm ready to go home now. 

Bring on the bright places and Boom Bands: I'll have notes back from my agent on VISION this week and, good, bad or ugly, I can't wait.