Things That Are Awesome (plus a giveaway!)

cbclogo.jpg: One: The Mark made the Bank Street list of Best Children's Books of the Year.  Lots of great books are on the list, I'm thrilled to be included! Two:  My aunt's sister's daughter* is reading The Mark for her seventh grade English class.  Aside from the obvious (holy crap - my old school is reading my book!), I think it's awesome that the teacher is using something with real relevance to her kids.  If I'd read something in class that was written by a grad of my HS and set partially in my hometown, I would have thought that was really cool.  Unless it sucked, of course.  Which hopefully my book doesn't. 

Three: Someone posted Touch on goodreads and twenty-two people have put it on their to-read list.  Why is this awesome?  This book isn't even on publisher submission yet...or agented, much less sold.  I love the votes of confidence! 

Four:  FREE BOOKS!  I realized it's been a while since I gave anything away on the blog so this week, one random winner who tells me something awesome gets to pick any two books from the stack pictured here (YA plus some other faves, some new, some lightly read.  Click it for a better view).  To enter leave a note in the comments about something awesome: good news, a book or song you're loving, how Charlie Sheen's Detroit show bombed, whatever.  Enter through Saturday, April 9 and I'll draw one random winner, announced on the 10th.   Giveaway open internationally to anyone age 13+.

*is that a twice-removed cousin?