Staten Island

After a bunch of years in metro NY, I've finally made it to the last of NYC's five boroughs, Staten Island.   The first four were easy:

Manhattan - lived there.  Seven years, four apartments, none bigger than my living room.

Brooklyn - I might have been there more, but only remember apartment hunting in Brooklyn Heights with Beth (now one of my beta readers) and Michael (who I could catch up with here, if it weren't past my bedtime).  Great neighborhood.  Don't remember why that never worked out. 

Bronx - Yankee Stadium, Bronx Zoo. 

Queens - lots of drive-thrus on the way to Westhampton Beach.  Also, annual Patterpalooza. 

Staten Island - ??? 

I thought it looked like this:

I thought it looked like this

Not so.  Here's what it really looks like:

driving and photography don't mix

Driving and photography don't mix.  Here's some pictures where you can actually see it:










I was there to look at and, ultimately, buy a slew of sunroom furniture I found on craigslist.  Thank god, because it was a really long drive.  

So, what's my point?  Not sure.  Don't judge a borough by the movies?  Craigslist is awesome?  Maybe just another thing to check off my life to-do list: visit all five boroughs of NYC?  Done.  Thirteen years later.