Paranormal Valentines

So much more exciting than any other kind, no?  And there were plenty to pick from at Friday's Won't You Be My Paranormal Valentine? event at The Voracious Reader: Pan, Faust, vampires, talking polar bears, talking gargoyles, the girl who knows if you'll die today and werewolves.   Lots of werewolves.  Here we all are, with the books: (l to r) Daniel Nayeri, Cynthia Leitich-Smith, Sarah Beth Durst, Shannon Delany and me (Peter Moore slipped in just before the bell and missed this pic) 

    A really nice group of teens, writers, librarians and bloggers came to the event.  Here we are with Wanda and Damaris of Good Choice Reading.  

  L to R: Wanda, Cynthia, Shannon, me, Damaris, Sarah, Daniel, Peter Moore 

A big THANK YOU to Francine and everyone at The Voracious Reader for hosting such a fun event.  If you're ever near Larchmont, NY, be sure to stop by the store.  It has the best selection of childrens and YA books around and they're expanding to include a cafe (with cupcakes!) and meeting/party space that will be an awesome place for book-loving kids' birthdays.  And, you might even run into YA author Kristi Cook, who's been known to hang out there.