Back to Reality

The kids are back at school, I've eaten most of the Christmas cookies and enough snow's melted that I can see the driveway again.  Holiday break is definitely over.  I did virtually no reading, writing or blogging over the last few weeks.  Instead, I...

-went skiing for the first time in ten years (it is like riding a bike!)

-had my family here for Christmas weekend...

-...and my sister for a few bonus days when she couldn't get back to Mississippi

-celebrated two kid birthdays on December 20

-got a piece of contact lens stuck in my eye so I had to wear the much-hated glasses again (honestly, how does that even happen?)

-watched the ball drop and cringed for the n-th straight year when Dick Clark came on 

-a bunch of other stuff like seeing the tree in the city, making pasta, sledding, playing games, yadda, yadda

It was a really nice, chill few weeks that truly felt like a break... 

...until my first conscious activity of the new year:  cleaning up puke when my five year old hurled all over the bed at sometime-past-midnight. 

2011 can only get better from there, no?

I don't make resolutions, just to-do lists.  On the short-term list: re-writing The Vision's first chapter.  It's the last of the edits and not a big deal, but I haven't been able to get it right on either of the first two rounds of editing.  Hoping third time's the charm.  

Next up: Book Three's edits.  It's been sitting, four months?  I think that's the longest I've been away from a manuscript and I'm actually, finally, eager to get back to it.