All I Ever Wanted

I'm just back from vacation and - with a nod to the Go-Go's - here's what we did. rock We spent the week in Rockport, MA a truly charming New England fishing/tourist/art colony town, three things that are an oddly perfect mix.   I haven't read Suzanne Selfors' Coffeehouse Angel yet, but every review talks about the Swedish fishing town it's set in and I kept thinking of it while in Rockport.

hungerSo maybe that's the book I should have picked up, but instead I bought The Hunger Games at Toad Hall, the local indie bookseller.  Toad Hall is a non-profit with proceeds going to local environmental and educational projects. It's housed in an old bank with spiral stairs to the lower level kids/YA section and they had a great list of upcoming author events.

And The Hunger Games?  Believe the hype.  It's that good...and then some.

beachWe also sailed, hiked the headlands, went to the beach, did a river tour, and had lots of good food and LOTS of  ice cream. 

And my editor e-mailed a draft of my new cover which I've been so eager to see.  I'm really liking it.  There are a few things we're still tweaking about it, including the tagline we'd been using on the front for something that's a better match to the new image, so that's my brainstorming for the rest of the weekend.