Teen Author Event

On Saturday, I got to meet readers, YA authors and some pretty impressive aspiring writers at Barnes & Noble, Nanuet NY for the Teen Author Event put together by Shari Maurer. 

Twenty-five teens entered the writing contest.  I read all of the entries and was honestly shocked at how good they were.  I don't remember being able to write like that at seventeen, fifteen...twelve.   Five winners were chosen, each paired with an author for a critique session. 

This is me with Alexandra Kenney, whose story was well written and perfectly paced with a fantastic, researched concept.  She's fifteen and already a chunk of the way through her novel.  Tons of promise here. 

A great crowd came out to hear us talk about our books, read and answer questions about publishing.  Shari talking about Change of Heart (also in pic: Margie Gelbwasser and Shannon Delany).   

This was my first event so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was FUN!  It was great to meet readers and get to talk to authors I've known online for months.  And we sold out of The Mark which was a nice bonus

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came on Saturday, the writers who entered the contest, Jocelyn and Barnes & Noble for having us and Shari for setting the whole thing up. 

 L to R: Me, Shannon Delany, Margie Gelbwasser, Jame Richards, Shari Maurer