Book Briefs: Lindsey Leavitt

Book Briefs: an interview series where authors talk about...what else?  Books! Lindsey Leavitt's debut middle-grade novel, Princess for Hire, is available now, the sequel, The Royal Treatment, comes out in May 2011 and her first YA novel, Sean Griswold's Head will be published in March 2011.  A little busy, Linds?

What book are you reading right now?   Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly.  You should be reading it too.  All of you.  It's so good, it hurts.

Your favorite children’s book:  Yikes!  Tough one.  I'll go with favorite picture book and, as of today (because these things are always changing) Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli. 

Your favorite non-fiction book:  One I read recently that I realy enjoyed was Sin In the Second City by Karen Abbott, about the Everleigh club, a notorious brothel in turn-of-the-century Chicago.  I love nonfiction that sheds light on the quirky and eccentric and this one, well...richey rich brothel?  Come on.  Total win. 

Your favorite classic (read: book they made you read in school) book: Pride and Prejudice.  I know, me and half the female population (the intelligent, discerning half).  Jane Austen's voice is timeless and delicious.  I go back to her novels again and again.

The last book that made you laugh: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins, out next February.  I bow down to Ms. Hawkins' hilarity - her timing is exquisite and she's wonderful at mixing in humor and hormones with The Angst.  

The last book that made you cry: Probably Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (duh), but also, my upcoming book, The Royal Treatment.  Of course, I was crying for different reasons, namely revisions.   

The last book you recommended to a friend: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff.  Chilling, fresh, lyrical paranormal.  I haven't read anything like it.

A novel you’ve re-read (and re-read): Alicia: My Story by Alicia Appleman Jurman.  It's a Polish girl's brutal memoir of the Nazi pogrom.  Ms. Jurman came to our school in the early nineties and meeting her made a severe impression on me.  She was noble and beautiful and her story, although gut-wrenching, is filled with hope.  I've read my battered, signed paperback at least four times.  Okay, now that I'm going off, you can buy it here... 

One sentence that gives the gist of your book best: 

Do you have what it takes to be royalty?  Wanted:  Teenage girl to serve as substitute princess.  Must be willing to travel.  Please call Meredith (Princess for Hire & The Royal Treatment

According to her guidance counselor, Payton Gritas needs a focus object—something to ground her emotions after discovering that her father’s been hiding his multiple sclerosis. She chooses the thing she stares at during class, never expecting that the more she gets inside Sean Griswold's head, the more he finds a way into her guarded heart.   (Sean Griswold's Head)

You can learn more about Lindsey, her books, and how on earth she has time to read anything with all the stuff she's been writing, here:

Thanks, Lindsey!