I Have ARCs

My ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) came last week.  It was so neat to see the book in its full, printed format!  New cover is still TBD.arc These will start making their way into the world little by little.  I sent one of my eight copies out on the Tenner ARC tour, one is with family (my grandmother has been waiting very patiently to read), one will go to my local librarian and the rest I'll hold for contests and what-not since it sounds like Bloomsbury will take care of all the actual important pre-pub distribution.

Anna, the publicist working on The Mark, will be sending to review journals and book bloggers, starting with those that publish only quarterly or bi-monthly (if you're one of the people who emailed earlier about review copies, thanks - you made my day!  Anna has all your info and will be in touch soon, if not already)

And there's a separate team - Beth and Katie - at Bloomsbury who work with libraries and educational groups. 

I'm excited and, of course, really, really anxious (as in anxiety-filled) to hear what people think.  I'm trying hard not to be neurotic that the ARC has stuff in it that isn't perfect and will be corrected for the final book (but if you're reading...the timeline in Chapter 3 will be clearer, so will some of the stuff Cassie thinks, and then there are those notes meant for the typesetter that found their way into the text...)

Several people I know say they avoid reading any reviews and I can definitely see the wisdom in that because I'm sure the not-so-good ones stick with you waaaaaay too long, but I think this is a lesson I'm going to have to learn the hard way.