I typed THE END into the manuscript, so it must be true.  Book Three's draft is officially done.  Finally. It's the longest of my drafts at 73,500 words (Vision ended at 51,000 and The Mark at 65,000, though both final versions came in around the same 58,000).    I'm not sure where this will wind up, but based on Vision's timeline, I know it'll take a while to get there:

June 2009: Vision 51,000 word draft done 

November 2009: Vision pre-submission edits done.  These include feedback from readers and agent.  Now 57,800 words.   So don't clear your nightstand for Book Three yet, beta-readers.  It'll probably be another two months 'til it's ready for you!

February 2010: Vision purchased by Bloomsbury

April 2010: Vision's 1st round edits from Bloomsbury done.  Now 57,900 words.  Kind of funny because I cut a third from the beginning of the draft and wrote an entirely new third toward the end, but came in at almost identical word count.  I guess that's just how long the story was meant to be.  Except...

Sometime Really Soon:  Vision's 2nd round edits from Bloomsbury.  ...I don't know what my editor thinks of the big 1st round edits yet.  I really like them - or I did last time I read the manuscript back in April - hopefully she will too. 

I'm really happy to have Book Three (Touch) drafted before diving back into Vision.  Taking a break from voice midway through writing is no good for me, but taking a break before editing?  Perfect.  Having a little distance makes it much easier to see what needs to change.