Stuff We Did In France

Day Three post-vacation.  Slept past 4am last night and have worked my way down The Stuff You Have To Do (mail! wash! buy food!) to download pictures! so I can finally share.  This was our house in Provence.  It had a pool and badminton and one side was built right into a kind of cliff so some of the walls inside were rock.  Vair, vair nice.  Houses in Europe don't generally have screens or air conditioning so it was a bit buggy.  My sister was a little freaked by this.  I didn't mind so much except for the bats the first night. 

In Provence, we visited towns, hit up some markets, went wine tasting...

The winery had a self-guided tour which means they gave us a laminated piece of paper and shuffled us off into their factory where we could touch their big, expensive - possibly dangerous - machines totally unsupervised.  And with three little boys in tow.  This kind of stuff does not happen in the US.  Kids loved it.   


We ate a ton.  Literally.  Okay, not literally, but it felt like it.  Love the cheese course.  Hate the foie gras.  Sorry, French people, it's just yucky.  Will skip photos of me stuffing my face in favor of me with two-thirds of The Chaos at our village creperie.

Then we went to Paris where I kept wondering: why didn't I study abroad here?  No offense, Copenhagen, you're pretty too, but Paris has a certain je ne sais quoi (I don't actually speak French which is at least one reason I didn't study there.  But you should if you can 'cause it's really, really nice.) 

We stayed in an apartment on the river, went to the very top of the Eiffel Tower which, lemmetellya, is pretty high up.  I don't like heights much.  Or waiting in lines to go high places.  But the view was pretty cool. 

We stuffed our faces some more, including at this amazing bakery across from the apartment, did other generally touristy things, looked at some art (The Chaos could def have skipped that part) and walked a LOT which is one of the best things to do in Paris.  It is just sooooo pretty.

Now we're back and the boys are still saying merci and bonne nuit.  I really wouldn't mind if they kept that up forever.