Random Giveaway: Based on Feet Alone...

Not a lot going on here.  The new book's coming along (41,800 words), no new news on the other books, been taking the kids to the zoo, the beach, getting a new boiler today (hot water! after a week of cold showers!).  In other words, there's not a lot to blog about and I'm too lazy to come up with real content.   So how about a random giveaway?  

Really random. 

I make my husband answer questions like these all the time: 

If you had to marry one, who would you pick - Britney Spears, Lady Gaga or Amy Winehouse?

If you had to date one of these people based on feet alone, which would it be?

Friends are sometimes forced to play, too - sorry, Mistie & Martin. 

It must run in my family because my sister keeps a list of her favorite baby names - boy and girl - in her wallet.  She's been known to take them out on first dates and make the guy choose and, yes, sometimes they even go out with her again. 

So, now it's your turn!  Answer a random question - both if you like - for a chance to win any two of the random assortment of books shown below (click on the pic for a larger view): 

The questions again...

Who would you marry (Britney, Gaga, Amy)? 

Which feet would you date (pink, red, brown, orange polish)? 

If marrying/dating girls/celebrities/feet isn't your thing, use your imagination, 'k? 

Leave your answer in the comments by Tuesday, July 27.  I'll pick one random winner to be announced July 28.  The giveaway is open internationally to anyone 13 or older.

Good luck and thanks in advance for playing!