The Naughty List

I was never a cheerleader.  In fact, personality-wise, I'm about as far from cheerleader as you can get without painting your fingernails black.  But I thoroughly enjoyed The Naughty List and its cheer-captain main character, Tessa.naughty Suzanne Young's YA novel is the third Tenner ARC I've read and here's what I really, really liked about it:

-The pacing and plot were spot on.  When I read the synopsis about cheerleader/spies who expose cheating high school boyfriends, I thought I had it all figured out, even before reading the first page.  Not!  Until the last chapter, I truly didn't know how it would end AND I wasn't bored once.  This book is addictive!

-The characters were refreshingly different.  Maybe its the books I usually read, but I'm used to seeing cheerleaders featured in less-than-flattering roles.  This was a really nice change.  

-The characterization is great.  Mashed potoatos and gravy!  You really get inside Tessa's head (this will make sense when you read the book.  promise.)

The Naughty List is the first in a four-book YA series and comes out February 4th - my birthday!!!