Release Day: Nice and Mean

nicemean Yesterday was the release of Jessica Leader's debut middle-grade novel, Nice and Mean about two girls - one nice and one mean - facing off in their school's video competition.  I love the voice in this short bit from Jess's Book Briefs interview:

I snapped my pen shut.  If Sachi had come up with the Victim/Victorious idea, Mr. Phillips would have been like, “Oh, Sachi, you are a genius, let me have your autograph.”  Instead, he was trying to make me feel like I had twisted her arm, when in reality, her idea reeked of squeege.  Did teachers talk about who to like and who to be mean to?  I lay my arms across my desk and rested my chin on my hands.  I hated school.  I just hated it.

Learn more about Jessica and Nice and Mean at her website and be sure to check out her blog where she's hosting some great book giveaways to celebrate the release. 

Congrats, Jess!