Release Day: Renegade X, The Red Umbrella, Kid vs. Squid

Three Tenner books are out today.  The Rise of Renegade XChelsea Campbell's The Rise of Renegade X is a YA novel about a young supervillian set on becoming Golden City's next evil genius...until he discovers his mystery father is actually a superhero. 


The Red UmbrellaIn Christina Diaz Gonzalez's The Red Umbrella, 14 year old Lucia's life changes when she's sent to the US from Cuba with only her brother to escape the effects of Cuba's Communist Revolution. 


Kid Vs. SquidGreg van Eekhout's Kid Vs. Squid "reads like a middle-grade Douglas Adams' Hitchkicker's Guide to the Galaxy", with young Thatcher Hill following the perpetrator of a theft at his uncle's museum only to discover she's a princess of the lost Atlantis, her people washed ashore each summer, forced to work midway games and food stands on the boardwalk.

Congrats Chelsea, Christina and Greg!