The Stuff Inside

I still don't know what's going on with the stuff outside - my cover - but I did get a look at the stuff inside.  My first pass pages came this week which are the manuscript, formatted and set up exactly the way it'll look in the printed book.  1stpasstitle


It's neat to get a first look at the almost-finished product which looks a lot different than pages printed at home.

Once I finish proofing these, they'll go back to Bloomsbury and ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) will get printed.  There are a small number of these already floating around somewhere - they made their debut at ALA Chicago which was really exciting to book out there for the first time, in public: very cool and very YIKES!  But the big batch that'll go out to reviewers is still to come.

Weird and awkward segue:  I've contacted some local funeral homes about visiting since I need to learn about a different kind of 'stuff inside', the stuff inside bodies (said it was awkward, didn't i?).  VISION, the next book, is all done and edited, but I need to verify some things about the behind the scenes work at a mortuary before giving it out to my critiquers. 

I'll definitely post about that visit, maybe with photos.  Nothing gruesome since I'd have passed out at that point anyway.