What I did during the 2.5 hours I was planning to write this morning: -calculated and filed quarterly NY State employment taxesj0316781

-typed and mailed a request to be excused from jury service

-ordered firewood (cheaper in the summer!)

-called health insurance to find out why my health care credit card keeps getting declined ('cause we've already used all the $)

-called different insurance to get mis-filed claim corrected and paid

-followed-up with window guys to find out that it is, in fact, a very bad idea to take the glass windows off a wood room to make a screened porch.  Something I wish they'd told me during the time I wasted getting quotes on doing exactly that.

-picked up trash from the garbage cans animals knocked over and picked thru last night

-wrapped two birthday presents

-checked blogs/sites I like while on hold

Amount of writing done?  ZIP.  Aargh!!