When I was having my website done, I didn't do a FAQ section since it would only have included stuff like can I have some chocolate milk? and will you draw cars with me?  But now that The Mark's been out for a few months, there actually are book-related questions that come up pretty regularly so, if you've been wondering... Are your characters based on real people?  No, they're really totally fictional.  I wouldn't even say they're composites of people I've known.  They usually develop as I'm writing the story, based mostly on who I need them to be for the plot to go where I want it to go.   

How did you get the idea for the story?  I don't really have a great story-behind-the-story like I had a dream about it or it's based on so-and-so's true life experiences.  The idea - what if you knew it was someone's day to die - just came to me when I was trying to find something interesting to build a novel around. 

How are sales?  I have no idea.  Once you've sold a book, the publisher owns all that sort of information.  I'll probably see my first sales numbers when I get my first bi-annual royalty statment in late summer. 

How do you find time to write with three kids?  I have a great babysitter who comes fifteen hours a week.  I write when she's here and sometimes at night, too. 

Are you touring or doing book signings?  Not yet.  It's pretty unusual for a publisher to set up events like these for new authors.  Often authors will arrange their own signings, but I haven't quite found the time for that yet.     

Will there be a sequel?  Yes.  It's called VISION and will be published by Bloomsbury next year.

Can I have some chocolate milk?  Not until you finish your dinner.