Will Write for Cash

Actually, I think its pretty obvious that I'll write for free since that's what I've been doing for the last few years.  But today, I got my first paycheck - my advance.  And it feels kind of like this:


Like the first time you had cake:  How is it that such ambrosia exists?  And for me!

I used to think that if I ever sold a book I'd re-do my office or at least put a door on it or get a real desk.  Or go on a shopping spree at Banana/J. Crew/Gap or some such.

But the reality is:

1)it's not that big a check.  Okay, yeah, I could buy a door or some clothes with it, but...

2)I'm too busy working on my next book to go on a shopping spree or think about how I want my office to look, especially since...

3)having a pretty desk isn't going to make me any more organized or work any faster or better and...

4)it's really just wholly satisfying to deposit the check without spending it and know that I earned money doing something I love : )