This is upsetting:mj

My first crush.  That poster was in my room, along with twelve others (yes, I kept count) and a bunch of tear-outs from Tiger Beat and the like. 

I've never  felt emotion over a celebrity death before.  Sometimes they're tragic or shocking, but never personal. 

Michael Jackson is different.  When I was twelve, I knew his brothers' and sisters' names, his birthday, his pets, likes and dislikes, could trace the spiral of that forelock curl in my memory, sat in front of his father at the Jackson's Victory Tour.  If there'd been Twitter and Facebook and My Space, I'd have been glued to his updates.  Yeah, it's personal.

I feel guilty for the things I, and probably the gazillion other girls with grade school crushes, said about him later.  The things we thought about him.  We were turncoats, fair-weather friends. 

You could say we just grew up  which, of course, he never seemed to, perpetually lost in some strange netherworld.  And his Neverland didn't seem a very happy place. 

There are so many reasons this is sad, but I'm going to leave it at those.  Sorry for the bummer post. 

For certain, Michael Jackson was unforgettable.  R.I.P.