Release Day: Naughty & Match Made in High School

Release Day is a recurring blog feature to give a shout-out to Tenner books on their official debut day.   Today, two great, fun YA books hit the shelves: Suzanne Young's The Naughty List and Kristin Walker's A Match Made in High School.  

I read The Naughty List a few months ago - totally addictive!  My full write-up is here.  There are three more books in the series and the next, So Many Boys, is due out June 10.  Learn more about the books and the fabulously bubbly Suzanne Young at her blog


Also in stores today is Kristin Walker's A Match Made in High School.  This one hasn't made its way to me yet, but I've heard it's hilarious and, if it's anything like the bio on Kristin's kick-a** website, I know I'll love it!

Congrats, Suzanne and Kristin!