Giveaways: Winner #6 and Tomorrow's Prize

Tomorrow's prize: signed harcover of The Mark and swag pack including bookmarks, notepad and glowing pen.  Enter here. aelogoThe winner of the $25 American Eagle Outfitters gift card is:

Nikki (

Congrats, Nikki!!!  E-mail instructions will be forthcoming. 

I'm a little twisted right now because my desktop has been hijacked by some horrible virusy thing that, a couple days ago, was just slowing things down and letting pop-ups slip through, but now is so bad that we can't even get the startup menu up.  Nothing.  Not even in safe mode.  I'm trying hard not to freak about this, but all my files are on there.  Photos, videos.  Um, books and stuff.  I have backup of most of it, but still...

Gordon from Onsite Computer Services assures me they can fix it tomorrow and I really, really hope he's right.  Please be right, Gordon. 

In the meantime, I'm still getting blog comments on the Netbook and emails on the iPhone  -thank God for redundant technology - so keep entering!