Wrestling with the Draft

I think the guts of a novel can be broken down into three main categories: rubiks Present Action - what's happening now

Backstory/Flashbacks - what's happened in the past that helps you understand what's happening now

Internal Dialogue - what the characters think about this stuff

The problem is that these usually come out in big chunks when I write:  ten pages of action followed by three pages of backstory followed by two pages of the character thinking about it.  

No one wants to read that.   

A first draft has all the parts, but they need to be moved around like you would a Rubik's Cube or one of those number-puzzles where you have to push a piece up to get another piece in place, until they're all sequential or, in this case, balanced and complementary, not just big info-dumps.

During that process, you sometimes have to cut stuff you really, really like.  For me, it happens a lot with internal dialogue.  I tend to WAY overwrite this on draft.  And if I've said the same thing three different ways, no matter how much I like them, two have gotta go.

That's where I am - wrestling with the draft - and probably will be for the next couple weeks. 

In news of THE MARK... a few more book blog features (I'd post this stuff in a separate sidebar or something if I knew how.  But I don't):



Thanks Kim and Khy!!