Yesterday, one of my favorite things happened: the annual library book sale.

Our library fills the entire auditorium with books, most donated by local residents. Some of them are brand new and all of them cost between .25 and $2. And, brilliantly, its always held just as my kids are getting out of school.

We left with two cardboard boxes filled with all this:

141 (640x478).jpg

There wasn't a whole lot in the YA section (where I always look first) and in the adult titles, I was really hoping for the Gillian Flynn I haven't read, but no luck. Instead I got After Visiting Friends, which a few friends have recommended. And lots and lots of great stuff for the boys. I think we're now the proud owners of the entire Captain Underpants series (which is pretty hilarious) and we got a bunch of MG novels that sound really interesting. 

The coolest part of the book sale is when I get back home and my boys, who are usually running and jumping and wrestling and bickering and "what can we do now"-ing, do this for an hour straight:

And real life actually sounds and looks just like the picture. Quiet and still.     

It's the closest thing to magic I know.