Summer Break

T-minus two days until school's out.

Three boys. Three months off. Needed: lots of activities (as we speak there are four ten year olds having a water fight in my backyard). Summer here is chaos, in the best possible way.

What we'll be doing: mining for diamonds, going to the lake, visiting family in PA, Zoom Flume, Rockport, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, getting TKTS for a show, vacation to Spain, lots of carnivals and mini-golf and geocaching and reading.  

What I won't be doing: Writing

Not much at least. I might tinker with the draft I have ready which - thanks to the very insightful Denise Jaden - I have a list of edits for. But with a book out in October and another finished and ready to sub, it's a good time for a clear-your-head break. 

(You hear that, Agent Melissa? Months of silence from me!).