Other People's Deep Thoughts

I've been re-working a manuscript that I finally turned in just before midnight last night (which is way past my bedtime, I was reminded when kids woke me at 5:52am). Last week, I put together a 24 page synopsis/chapters audition for a Work for Hire project. In between, I closed on a house, kept my kids clean and alive and a bunch of other super-productive stuff. I want to talk more about Work for Hire (though not this project since I prob can't), but it'll have to wait till I have the brain power for a coherent post. Right now, I'm fried. 

So, instead, I offer links to other writers' stuff I've been reading. They have smarter things to say about craft and marketing than I probably would anyhow. (PS - If you're not a writer, sorry...this is going to be boring)

Great for writing tips: Ingrid Sundberg's blog. She knows a lot and has listened to a lot of other people who know a lot and if you want advice on developing character or plot or tension or pretty much anything, you can find it there.

Worth listening to for common sense/don't be a buffoon/wish I'd read her stuff when I started: Delilah Dawson. Her blog post on 25 Steps to Being a Traditionally Published Author is one of the truest, funniest things I've read. Follow her on twitter for good, straight-talk on the business (be warned, she tweets a LOT so your feed might be overrun, but most of it's entertaining anyhow and she's one of the few people whose skill with those 140 characters could make me buy her books).

I'm also reading Fast Fiction by Denise Jaden. If you've never fast drafted, you should! This book will show you how.