Reviews: Different Strokes

Last week, we went to Orlando. The trip was a surprise for our kids who were on spring break and thought we'd just be hanging around home. I was psyched about the whole thing, first because, as fun as ski season was, enough with the snow already. Second, I love theme parks. And third, I love surprises.

We were halfway to LaGuardia before one of the boys realized this was about the longest ride to drop dad off at the train station ever. That's when we told them what we were really doing - going to Florida for Disney, Universal & a Red Sox game.

Turns out our 8 year old doesn't like surprises quite as much as I do.


He wasn't angry about going to Disney, but being yanked away from home without warning was more than a little upsetting for him.

Not everyone likes the same things.

Good to remember in general, but particularly for writers whose books are out in the wild, being read by people who don't know them and may be brutally honest in their reviews. 

Even if your book is fabulous and thebesthingever, not everyone will like it. I loved Gone Girl, so did tons of other people and it sold like a bazillion copies. But I also know people who hated it. Same with Twilight. And pretty much any book you can name.

Critical reviews can be helpful (except for mean ones which, like Mean Tweets, are just funny). Some of the comments about the plotting or characters in my earlier novels helped me think about how I could improve future books.  

Advance copies of This Is How It Ends have been out for a couple weeks and the first reader review popped up while I was away. It was a good one, but I know they won't all be (though I won't be upset if they are!)

So, my review of vacation: I've always loved the Disney parks, but they could use a little sprucing up and the new Fastpass system is awful - it was hard to get on rides. The Universal Parks have great rides and theming and weren't so crowded. Plus, their express pass system is much better. We'll definitely go back.

And earwax and vomit jellybeans are disgusting.    

Every Flavour Beans from Honeydukes.

Every Flavour Beans from Honeydukes.