Shiny New Things

The last week+ has been busy with debuts of This Is How It Ends related stuff. Kristi at The Story Siren revealed the cover here. I'm a big fan of what designer Jessica Handleman at Simon Pulse did with it. I think she really nailed the key elements of the plot with the photo and font combination.

THISISHOWENDS (530x800).jpg

The book also showed up for pre-order on Amazon. It comes out in hardcover, paperback and e-book simultaneously on October 7, 2014.

I finally (after MUCH gnashing of teeth) unraveled the mysteries of building a website and got my new one up and running (thank you,, for your awesome support staff!). Lesson learned the hard way: even if you have someone else design your website, ALWAYS register the domain name yourself. 

I met Liesa Abrams, my editor at Simon Pulse, for the first time. Being able to get together like that is a bonus of living in metro NYC. So much is done remotely in publishing that it often doesn't happen (I never met my first agent even though she sold two of my books and we worked together for almost three years). You can definitely work effectively without ever meeting, but you get someone a little more when you've been able to talk face-to-face.

And, I turned in the first pass pages for This Is How It Ends at that lunch. I'm pretty sure that's the last look I'll have at the book until it comes out - which is always a relief and totally unnerving at the same time.