What's Up

We are buried in snow and my kids have been out of school more than in lately which makes for slow going on projects. But I finally finished a first draft of my next book (working title: Tunnels) about a homeless girl in NYC. This was my NaNoWriMo project which took 7 weeks to write, another 5 to revise and still needs one more pass of edits before its ready for Agent Melissa's thoughts on whether its promising or terrible because by the time I'm done, I never have any clue.

078 (640x493).jpg

I also built a new website over the last two weeks which I'll be switching to as soon as some logistics are ironed out. PSA: Always be the master of your own domain (name). Ugh.

This week, I'll be reading the pass pages of This Is How It Ends, checking for typos and other errors. The fully formatted book clocked in at 312 pages which is almost 100 more than either of my last two. Tunnels is even longer. Hopefully that means they're really well fleshed out with fully developed characters and storylines and not just that I'm a big windbag.

Also, the Olympics started. I love the Olympics