8 Terrible Titles

I’ve been tagged by my agent-mate Shannon M. Parker, author of a (soon-to-be-retitled) YA Contemporary coming from Simon Pulse in Spring 2016, in the 8 Terrible Titles challenge.

The rules? Scroll through your manuscript and stop at a random spot. Wherever your cursor lands, that’s your title. There’s no hunting through your pages for the perfect phrases. This challenge is to see how truly awkward your title could be.

I know all about awkward titles since I came up with some doozies when we were re-titling THIS IS HOW IT ENDS. But those pale beside the 8 Terrible Titles from my most recent manuscript, a YA Contemporary currently with my agent:

1. Scavenged From Someone Else’s Trash

2. Don’t Scratch It, You Ninny

3. Across the Whole Thing

4. Ladies and Babies and Nannies

5. I Am Less Human

6. The Cigarette Tip

7. Just Wide Enough to Climb Through


So, now I'm tagging:

Denise Jaden

Kim Culbertson

Good luck, ladies!