Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

There's been so much else going on over the last few weeks, that I haven't gotten to post about my new-and-improved office that's increased my zen by about a hundred-fold.  Same space.  Sadly, same wallpaper.  But new otherwise.  Here's what it looked like before:

Not bad at all.  Pleasant.  Bright.  My own space, separate from the dining room or living room.  Nowhere to store anything, though.  Computer tower and wires right out in the open where kids could mess with them.  Whatever.  It worked well enough.  It's where I wrote The Mark and Vision

However, in addition to bringing me a flip for Christmas, Santa also brought an "office makeover" which I was completely ecstatic about since I'm so cheap I would have complained to Santa for ages about my office having no drawers, but never actually done anything about it.  


Here's what my office looks like now:

I know.  Not nearly as dramatic as what they come up with on TV, but the ahhhh that comes over me when I walk in here is seriously awesome. 

I like to be organized.   So many parts of my life - and everyone's - are chaotic.  I love that this little corner is not.