Fan Mail

The Online Launch Party continues!  Read the giveaway rules, prize list and enter here Here are a few of my favorite notes I've gotten about The Mark:

sent to my publisher...

Hello, I am a student who has had the honor of reading the ARC of The Mark by Jen Nadol, and I just wanted you to know I was quite impressed with the novel.  Not only was the writing skilled without being dull, the complex yet interesting mythos behind "the mark" is amazingly well put together, as was the moral and psychological aspects given through Cassie's college course.  The relationship between Cassie and Lucas was well written and believable, and the death scenes were skillfully written without being sappy or unbelievable.  You have a wonderful book that is about to be published, and I felt you deserved to know this.  I will be buying a copy of the hopefully spelling error free book when it comes out in February for certain.  Sincerely, John J

How cool is it that he went to the trouble of writing to my publisher like that?  I thought this was so awesome - if you're reading, John J, thank you!!!

Dear Jen,

I read your book and loved it even though I probably would not have bought it if it didn't list you as an author.  Truth is I'm somewhat beyond the teenage population.  But a number of beyond teen-agers have read it and also loved it.  I think you have something there.  To me it's a book crying out "make me into a hit movie". 

Lots of luck and LOVE,  Grampy

And, then there's this one...

Good job Mrs. Nadol.  Love, Alexandra

I know these last two don't really count as fanmail since one is from my Grampy - though he's pretty opinionated and not afraid to share, so maybe it does - and the other is my friends' six year-old who hasn't read the book.  But they made me smile.  Getting letters and notes like these and congrats from people I haven't talked to in a while or people I don't know who are just interested or excited or just plain supportive is pretty darn cool.  Maybe one of the neatest things about having a book out there.